New Yorkie State of Mind


A story about a commissioned painting.



I met Deb McKinster in 1995.  I had just moved back from Milwaukee, WI and was working upstairs in the Millersport bank for my brother. Down the hall from his office was where Deb worked in her family accounting business. I was in dire need of an accountant when I moved back. Deb to the rescue. I have treasured her services since then and come to know her as a dear friend and fixture in the Buckeye Lake region. She and her hubby Mark live on “the island” now and it suits them to a T.  Deb began to talk to me about doing a painting of her Yorkies. Ashleigh, Donovan and Tammy. At first, she was thinking a city skyline behind them as background.  She had also come up with a VERY clever title. “New Yorkie State of Mind”.  Great title and really goes with my title “methodology”.  At last, the painting was to commence. Deb decided to rethink the background and go with the beach. Good choice. It seemed perfectly natural to me to tuck these 3 little pups right into a beach scene.  The painting began, and I kept it a secret per her wishes until she sent pictures of it out with her Christmas cards. Mum’s the word this time of year ;) 



Just wanted to give you an insight to their personalities.  Ashleigh, the oldest, is the queen.  Her attitude is "I don't steal the toys because all the toys are mine.”

Donovan is just a little laid back and both girls give him his way.

Tammy's name, "Joyful Little tammy", describes her to a tee.  She is happy all the time, excited to start her day.  She is turning out to be a great mom. (Yes, since the painting was completed, Tammy did, indeed, become an awesome mom to 4 little tiny pups). 



Deb and Mark have made a life of love and joy in a village so dear to me. I appreciate them so much as do so many others in their orbit. Wherever your heart is right now, dig deep to find a reservoir of joy. It may be a little bit more of a deeper dive, but it’s there. If it’s pups, fishing, sightseeing, surrounding yourself with beach scenes, Christmas lights, treasured phone calls, writing notes, or just plain letting someone know today that you treasure them…… DO IT. Do it until life becomes natural again one day. It will. I have faith in you. 


RECAP: This painting was SO fun to do. Deb had send me a lot of pics to work with. There was a Christmas pic of them that jumped out at me. It was the perfect way to bundle them side by side and nestle them on a beach.  This painting is watercolor on canvas panel. 11 x 14 inch.